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organic, regional food delivered

Our deposit system

Making groceries sustainable.

Going circular: re-usable packaging is the new normal

We are always striving to use packaging as often as possible. That is why we have created our own deposit system. In addition, we also work with manufacturers who use reusable packaging, and with manufacturers who start their reusable-journey with us.

How does our deposit system work?

Step 1: Easy! We charge the value of the packaging during your purchase.

Step 2: Then we deliver your groceries to your home in our containers.

Step 3: When you order next, give the empty container to the rider (no cleaning is needed).

Step 4: You get your deposit transferred back to your bank account. This may take the bank a few days.

Groceries without plastic packaging

Our containers

Reusable jars: For dried foods, drinks and dairy
💶 € 0,08–0,50

Reusable cotton bags: For fruits and vegetables
💶 € 0,50

alpakas-jute-bags: To protect your order
💶 € 2,50

We use recyclable cardboard and compostable paper for sensitive food, eggs & cosmetics. For certain products our suppliers use disposable glass containers, which are labelled.

Groceries with deposit system

How we re-use our containers.

Back at the warehouse, the reusable containers are cleaned according to certified standards approved by the local food authority. After the thorough cleaning, we fill them with new treats. This way, the jars can, for example, be reused more than 40 times.

no plastic