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Our Mission

Making groceries sustainable.

What we do to fulfill our mission.

alpakas makes it easy to avoid plastic waste and single-use packaging. Sustainability doesn't stop there: our products are certified organic or local. We bring your weekly groceries directly to your home today – delivered with our environmentally friendly e-cargo bikes. alpakas is where sustainable producers and responsible customers meet. Zero Waste & Hero Taste.

(Almost) all food is organic.

The vast majority of our product range is certified organic. Each product is clearly labeled. However, for some of our smaller partners it is difficult to obtain a complex organic certification. We still offer their products because we believe in their sustainability and mission.

Local products whenever it is possible

To make the product selection as regional as possible, we prefer to work with partners within a radius of 200 km. This way we not only avoid long transport routes and unnecessary CO2 emissions, but also support our local heroes. We are very happy to deliver many of their great products directly to your home!

Plastic is a no-go for us

We sell our products in practical reusable containers, primarily made out of glass und cloth. If protective packaging cannot be avoided in order to preserve the quality of the products, we use packaging made of compostable or recyclable paper and cardboard. We also avoid plastic when products are delivered to our warehouse. The food arrives in bulk in the form of paper bags, reusable containers or recyclable cardboard. We then fill them into our alpakas jars. Single use plastic packaging is thus completely avoided.

In our shop you will only find sustainable drugstore items.

For all household and cosmetic products, we ensure that the products do not contain palm oil or microplastics. We sell most of them in recycled cardboard.

We work closely together with our partners.

We work closely together with the producers of our products and have a common mission. When selecting our entire product range, we always make sure that our partners also follow sustainable principles - from production to packaging and transport to fair treatment of their employees.