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Our Partners

Local, regional and national - always sustainable.

Our Partner Companies

We, as alpakas, choose our partner companies consciously and stand at 100% behind our partners. Together we share the same vision and work towards one big goal: to make the world more sustainable and to avoid waste.


Our partner Voelkel is a generation-led family business from Pevestorf. Guided by the mission to take responsibility for people and animals, Voelkel relies on organic and Demeter raw materials for its naturally flavourful juices. Through their many years of experience and work with local fruit and vegetable farmers, Voelkel succeeds in preserving the fruitful taste as well as the valuable vitamins and minerals of the plants in their delicious juices. The result: magical, fruity and irresistible juices and drinks - simply to enjoy.


Truemorrow offers you the possibility of an uncompromising body care with which you can also do something good for the environment. And all this with a diversified assortment - from bamboo cotton swabs, bamboo toothbrushes and deodorant to dental floss in a jar. Isn't that amazing? Truemorrow relies on sustainable, natural materials and recyclable or biodegradable materials for its durable, vegan products. Production, transport routes and packaging are also constantly being improved to make them even more sustainable. Moreover, with every purchase of a Truemorrow product, a new tree is planted.

Teto Tofu

Teto Tofu - Exciting soy delicacy from Berlin. The Berlin-based company is a real local hero: all products are made with a lot of passion and by hand, which is also reflected in their taste. For their soy specialities, they only use soy beans from Germany. This means that the transport routes are very short and the rainforests are protected. In addition, the soybeans used produce a positive environmental balance as they bind nitrogen in the soil and thus fertilise themselves. Teto Tofu does not need any plastic packaging at all since they use practical glass containers that become reusable with alpakas.


Modern beer variety and distinctive experiences - BRLO is a Berlin brewery that brews beer in a climate-neutral way. They rely on organic malt and barley as well as selected regional products for their production. BRLO produces almost without filtration, so healthy nutrients are preserved in the beer. With dedication and creativity, the brewery creates unique beers inspired by local and international beer styles. With their multifaceted variety, they offer a true taste experience and pair this with an environmentally friendly mission - "Save the planet, it's the only one with beer".

Roots Radicals

Delicious, handmade and waste-free - Roots Radicals is a Berlin-based company that offers its customers a great selection of fruit preserves, sauces, ferments and much more, all according to zero waste principles. Their mission is to reconnect people and food. So, they save fruits and vegetables from waste as well as by-products and see this as an opportunity to create new creations which can then be delivered to your home. In this way, they combine culinary creations with waste recycling. Their range includes unique products that spice up everyday life as well as unusual delicacies.


Good sparkling wine from friends. For friends. Acht+1 intends to pay homage to friendship, beautiful moments in life and joy of life with their flavourful sparkling wines. At the same time, they have made it their mission to give something back to our environment. With every bottle purchased, they plant a new tree together with Eden Projects. In this way, they celebrate friendship in harmony with environmental awareness.