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How it works: plasticfree

Zero waste. Hero taste.

1. Select your groceries

Choose your waste free products in our online shop or order via our app.

2. Select your slot

Done! You can now sit back and relax, we'll take care of the rest.

3. Same-day delivery

Directly to your doorstep. From an order value of 25 €, we deliver to you free of charge.

4. Return packaging

Return your empties to our drivers with your next order. The deposit will be directly refunded.


Where do you deliver?
At the moment alpakas is live in Berlin and Munich. Here you can find out more about the districts we deliver to.

We don't deliver to you yet?
Register here and we will notify you as soon as we start delivering to you.

What times do you deliver?
We deliver from Monday to Saturday. You can book your delivery slot directly for today or up to 7 days in advance. You can select a delivery day and slot in the check-out.

We deliver during the following times:
Mondays: 14:00-21:00
Dienstags-Freitags: 10:00–21:00
Saturdays: 9:00-15:00
From Monday to Friday you can order until 16:30 and receive your order on the same day.
On Saturdays, this is the case until 10:30.

How can I schedule my delivery time?
In the check-out you can select a delivery day and a delivery slot in which your order will arrive at your home. A delivery slot lasts 2 hours. Once we have planned the route, we will give you an estimated time of arrival. If the delivery time is marked in grey, the slot is already occupied. Simply choose the next delivery slot that suits you best.

I am not at home at the agreed delivery time. What now?
You can contact us by e-mail (contact@alpakas.app) until 12 hours before the delivery and postpone the delivery date.

Is the delivery free of charge?
The delivery is free of charge from a minimum order value of 25 €. For a smaller amount, a delivery fee of 3,90 € applies.

Is the delivery to my home environmentally friendly?
Yes. All orders are delivered by e-cargobikes, which relieves traffic, produces fewer exhaust gases and creates less noise. The delivery vehicles are powered only by green energy.

What kind of packaging do you use for your products?
Our products come in reusable jars, fruit and vegetable nets and compostable paper or recycled cardboard.

How does the deposit system work?
You can return all empty reusable containers made of fabric, glass and metal to our riders with your next order. This also includes the deposit containers from our suppliers, such as the milk bottles from Brodowin. The deposit will be refunded to your account or selected payment source within a few days.

If you want to return reusable containers without placing a new order, send us an email to contact@alpakas.app. We will then arrange a collection date with you.

Deposit values:

Reusable jars: For dried foods, drinks and dairy
💶 € 0,08–0,50

Reusable cotton bags: For fruits and vegetables
💶 € 0,50

alpakas-jute-bags: To protect your order
💶 € 2,50

We use recyclable cardboard and compostable paper for sensitive foods, eggs & cosmetics. In some cases we also use disposable jars. 

Do I have to clean the reusable containers before returning them?
Not necessarily. Back in our warehouse, we clean all reusable containers according to certified standards approved by the local food authority. However, we would be happy if you rinsed out milk and yoghurt jars beforehand. This makes cleaning easier, also for our deposit partners.

Why do you also use disposable glass?
We follow the standards of unverpackt e.V. and do not use disposable plastic packaging at all. You can buy the majority of our products in reusable containers. For some products, however, we have not yet been able to find an affordable reusable solution. In such cases, we still rely on disposable glass. Whether a glass is disposable or reusable is always clearly marked in the app. Also, you can always drop your glasses off with us and we will make sure it is recycled properly. We also make sure that all our disposable products are organic.

What happens to your lids?
The lids of our glass containers cannot be reused. Unfortunately, in Germany tinplate lids are only authorized for single-use only. They absorb an unpleasant odor after several uses and might result in cross-contamination. In collaboration with our partner ZAW Donau-Wald, we recycle 100% of our tinplate lids. By using related can scrap within our recycling process, we manage to save 1.5 tonnes of ore and 665 kilograms of coal with every tonne of tinplate scrap.

How does your cooling process work during the delivery?
It is very important for us to deliver our products to your home in the best quality. We ensure that the cold chain of all our products is maintained until we deliver your purchase to your home with our E-cargo bikes. To ensure these standards, we follow the temperature specifications of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the specifications of DIN10508 with our passive cooling system. This means that our products are constantly cooled at a temperature of <7°C.